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Sports Dentist in Coral Gables, FL

Dentistry has faced a lot of changes and new branches have been introduced into it with changing times. The recent addition to it is the Sports Dentistry which is one of the most upcoming fields in this industry. It deals with the orofacial injuries and the oral diseases that affect the athletes. There are many kinds of injuries that are faced by them, but dental injuries are the most common.

Dentists have a great role to play in treating these sports injuries. We have our expert, Dr. Cutino who is always there to guide the athletes about how to play safe and avoid any orofacial damages, especially if you are a part of the contact sport. We at Vida Dental in Coral Gables, Florida makes sure that each and every sportsman is given the knowledge remaining safe from the dental trauma.

Sports injuries that may commonly occur

The sports that have body-to-body contact may cause dental injuries; thus, leading to heavy bleeding, a minor fractured tooth, or major dental fractures. These orofacial damages require on the spot medical attention. No matter how major the tooth injury is, now they can be treated under the sport dentistry procedures: Below mentioned are the types of injuries faced in the sports:


Vida Dental Avails Treatment Under Sports Dentistry

Common tooth injury treatment that you can avail from us and our expert dentist involves the following:

Vida Dental Avails Treatment Under Sports Dentistry

The orofacial injuries can be avoided by using proper shields as per the sports dentistry. Below mentioned are the two types of shields that are dependent upon the type of sport:

Helmets: They are used when the sport is based on speed, such as hockey, skating, or football.

Mouthguards: They are the main equipment for securing from orofacial injury and avoid any mishaps during the sport.

Mouthguards You Will Get From Vida Dental

We at Vida Dental wishes that each and every sportsperson must take precautions in order to perform well in their sport and do not face any dental trauma that may affect their performance. For this purpose, the best suitable ones are the Mouthguards that provide safety to the lips, tongue, mucosa, or teeth. Three essential types of Mouthguards you can get from Vida Dental are:


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