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Crown Lengthening

Dental Crown Lengthening in Coral Gables FL

Dental Crown Lengthening

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A sweet smile is a dream of everyone, as it is the most attractive thing on the face. If there’s some problem with the teeth and the denture, the real smile goes missing from the face. One such issue that people face is the widened smile and it takes away all t charm of the face. A lot of people go into depression as well due to the extra widened smile. A lot of people might have heard of the term Dental Crown, but very few are familiar to Dental Crown Lengthening.

Crown Lengthening helps in removal of the extra gum tissue that helps in visibility of the natural teeth even more. Our dentist, Dr. Cutino have the expertise of dealing with such problems of our patients and carry out the possible cosmetic procedure. The Dental Crown Lengthening is a part of the Oral Surgery and make adjustments by cutting a bone or working on the gum tissues.

Preparations We Do Before Crown Lengthening

Our expert Dr. Cutino knows all the procedures that must be followed before our patients have to undergo Crown Lengthening. The steps involve:

Procedure Followed For Crown Lengthening At Vida Dental

Crown Lengthening does not include a major surgery, but it surely deals with the improper growth of the gum tissues. It also involves working on the neighboring teeth as well. Following is the procedure followed by our expert Dr. Cutino for Crown Lengthening:

Once the surgery is complete, the patients have to wait for about three months for healing process. After this, the tooth is prepared for crowning. Firstly, a temporary crown is used and later it is replaced by a permanent one.

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Aftercare Tips for Crown Lengthening Surgery

Once the surgery is done, there’s proper care needed as the gums are open and they may be sensitive to the outside things. Hence, there’s a need to apply some precautions:

There’s always a way to get a beautiful smile and if you choose the right dentist, you will surely receive the finest treatment. For this fact, Vida Dental in Coral Gables, Florida is always available for you to serve you better under our expert dentist Dr. Cutino’s supervision.

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