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Initial Comprehensive Exam & X-rays

On your first visit to Vida Dental, you will meet with your dentist – Dr. Cutino.

During this consultation, you will be able to discuss your medical and dental history and if you have any oral health worries or fears, feel comfortable to share them with him.

Next, Dr. Cutino will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth, and take x-rays and/or panoramic radiographs depending on your consultation. In addition, a cosmetic dental assessment will be performed.


Panoramic radiographs help your dentist view unerupted or impacted teeth, as well as sinus conditions, and can detect lesions or fractures in the jaw. A comprehensive exam is an easy, painless, and risk-free way to learn your current oral health conditions.

Hence, thinking that a Root Canal can be painful was a thing of the past, as now the times have changed a lot. The recent changes in anesthesia and the improvements in surgical treatments have changed the face of a Root Canal Treatment. We have the expert of General Dentistry Dr. Cutino who handles the problems of our patients associated with the tooth decay and by performing a proper check, he carries out the Root Canal Treatment. He takes the x-ray of the damaged tooth and understanding the level of impact, he works on treating it. Also, the patients at Vida Dental located at Coral Gables in Florida receive an after treatment service too, in order to make sure that the tooth is healed completely.


ONLY $39

EXAM (D0150) + X-RAYS (D0274)


ONLY $69


*Not valid for patients with insurances or Periodontal Disease

Why Choose Vida Dental

discussing your dental treatment plan

After your comprehensive exam is done, your dentist will discuss your personalized dental treatment plan explaining each procedure and guiding you through the next recommended step. Your questions are always welcome and you always have the final say in your treatment.

Your dental treatment plan is designed to prevent small issues from getting bigger and more expensive, so it will address current issues and others that may impact your long-term dental health. In addition, your dentist will explain how you can obtain the perfect smile you always wanted.

We will also assist you with your treatment planning and payment options. After those are explained and you are free of concerns, Our dentist can proceed with any of the treatments recommended or even just your dental cleaning to start getting you on a healthy road.

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