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Bone Grafting

Bone Graft Surgery - Coral Gables Florida

Socket Preservation with Bone Grafts

When a tooth gets broken or decay damages it, the dentists try to fill it using a crown or the fillings that suit the best, as per the condition. But, there are situations wherein the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be repaired and has to be removed or extracted from its place. Sockets are the places occupied by the tooth, as they are attached to the bone.

While our dentist, Dr. Cutino will perform the procedure of extracting the decayed tooth or a wisdom tooth extraction, there’s likely a possibility of the socket hole. It can be very sensitive at times, as it exposes the nerves of the tooth that may call for other harmful oral diseases. Hence, at Vida Dental, Coral Gables in Florida, you will get a complete treatment and the space made by tooth removal is mended by bone grafting.

Why Consider Bone Grafting For Socket Preservation

There’s a remarkable technology of dental implants which is able to give people a bright smile and dental security. They act as natural teeth and are firmly attached to the jawbone. But, if the jawbone does not have the proper area to support the implant, the dentists have to follow the Bone Grafting Treatment.

When a person has to face a tooth loss, the attached bones also deteriorate having a lesser width, height, and the covering area. If there’s a longer amount of time that the tooth has been missing, the bone starts melting and takes away the scope of adding the new tooth. Hence, you will get a proper Socket Preservation with Bone Grafting at our place, i.e. Vida Dental, Coral Gables, in Florida from our dentist, Dr. Cutino.

Procedure for Bone Grafting At Vida Dental

A lot of patients believe that the procedure of Bone Grafting is long and may give pain, but it is a simple minor surgery by the dentist. Henceforth, it helps to develop a new bone in the jaw. Below mentioned is the procedure for Socket Preservation with Bone Grafting:

The material gets absorbed with time and replaced by the newly developed bone

Type Of Bone Grafts Offered At Vida Dental

The bone graft materials are available in different forms such as granules, gel, putty, or powder and sometimes are made of animal bone, human bones or sometimes from synthetic material. They are properly processed in order to eliminate the chances of any infection. Let’s explore more about the types of Bone Grafts:

Autograft: This bone grafting involves the formation of two surgeries and the bone is taken from the body. One of them is for the place from where the bone is taken and another involves depositing the bone in the affected area.

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