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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are an immovable prosthetic device that covers the gap between one or more missing teeth. They are implanted at the place where the original tooth was located. They very well gel with the color of the teeth and does not give an impression that the original teeth does not stand there anymore. A gap created by the missing teeth can cause issues or the bad dental bite as well.

Bridges are fixed unlike other dentures and they can only be implanted and removed by the dentists. You can contact Vida Dental situated in Coral Gables in Florida to get the finest treatment for our end, and our Dentistry expert Dr. Cutino is always there to help you fill those missing gaps between the teeth.

Functionality Of Dental Bridges​

A dental bridge is the best low-risk and affordable treatment of the missing teeth. The bridges between the two are covered using the dental crowns that are held right in place with the help of dental bridges. Mostly the replacement teeth or abutments used in place of the original ones are the porcelain crowns that match with the natural color of the teeth to maintain the cosmetic appearance. Our Dentist Dr. Cutino makes sure that the replacement tooth or the pontic is attached properly to the dental crowns and dental bridges. We at Vida Dental also keep in mind the cost, material and every functionality of the bridge, so that it suits you well and you face no issues in your oral health.

Types Of Dental Bridges We Offer At Vida Dental

There are numerous options available for the patients to choose from different types of bridges and they can get the missing tooth or teeth replaced without any difficulty. Following are the types of dental bridges available from Vida Dental:

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