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At Vida Dental in Coral Gables, we offer quality dental implants at affordable prices. Dr. Javier Cutino believes everyone be able to enjoy life without worrying about smiling. Get your FREE dental implant consultation today!


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Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that feel, look, and function just like natural teeth. A person who has lost teeth, or simply just wants a more cosmetic procedure, regains the ability to eat anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours have been preserved. Dental implants are usually tiny titanium posts that are placed into the jawbone of the patient, where the teeth are missing. The patient’s bone fuses with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth.

In addition, when teeth are missing, dental implants could help preserve facial structure, preventing the inevitable and relentless bone deterioration that occurs. In some cases, additional procedures may need to be performed to allow a successful placement of dental implants. Some of these procedures are, but are not limited to: ridge augmentation/bone grafts and preservation, sinus grafts, and/or soft tissue grafts. The placement of dental implants involves one surgical procedure.

Dr. Javier Cutino Explains Dental Implants

First, your implants will be placed within your jawbone. The healing time varies from patient to patient, based on a variety of factors that include the hardness of the bone. In some cases, dental implants may be restored immediately after they are placed. After your dental implant has integrated with your bone, the second phase begins. If the implant was covered up at the first stage, then the dental implant is uncovered and a small healing collar is attached. This second procedure is called Stage Two. At this time, Dr. Cutino will fabricate the restoration of the implant, given this the natural look of a tooth.

Why should I consider Dental Implants?

There are many reason why someone should consider dental implants. Most patients who get dental implants are either because they need it or they want to improve their smile. Here are some reasons why you should consider dental implants.


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