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Tooth Bonding / Composite Resin (Dental Fillings)

Tooth Bonding involves applying the resin material that resembles the tooth color and is applied using the adhesives. The procedure got its name as it majorly deals with bonding the material to the tooth. It is primarily applied in dentistry for the cosmetic purposes and is used to give a better look to the chipped or the discolored tooth.

Tooth Bonding or the Fillings are used to fill the spaces between two teeth, to give them a long look, or to change the teeth color. Also, the tooth bonding is used in place of amalgam fillings and they are also used when the root of the tooth gets exposed due to the gum diseases. Our expert, Dr. Cutino deals with the issues related to chipped or discolored teeth and gives the best teeth bonding solutions at our place, Vida Dental in Coral Gables in Florida.

Teeth Bonding Is Applicable Under the Following Circumstances

The teeth bonding gives a fine look to the teeth and repairs a lot of initial stage oral health issues. Following are the solutions provided by teeth bonding:

Changing the shape of teeth

The tooth bonding does not require a lot of preparation and our dentist, Dr. Cutino is an expert in taking care of the patients undergoing the tooth bonding. Usually, anesthesia is not used, if the tooth filling is not for the decayed tooth. The material used is the composite resin that’s used to match the teeth color of the patients. It is ensured that the fillings match to the color of your teeth to give you the best smile and no one can ever know that you have undergone the teeth bonding or a composite resin filling.

Forms of Bonding Our Patients Get at Vida Dental, Florida

The material used in Teeth or Tooth Bonding is composite resins or the veneers for covering the discolored teeth and give them a good look and feel. We offer the following types of tooth bonding at our place:

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